2023 - 22nd Edition Splash & Dash - Sarah's Fund for Cedars

Stroll & Dash (formerly known as Splash & Dash)
Sunday, Oct 1 2023, Town of Mount Royal, Danyluk Park


1. Create your participant fundraising page

The Fundraising Page is the perfect platform for all participants (Individuals, Families and Corporations) to tell your supporters why you're participanting in this year's 2023 Stroll & Dash Event!

Be creative with your page, add a photo and tell your story! Let them know WHY you are walking, running or strolling this year!

All participants are encouraged to share their "Fundraising Page" Link. The link will direct all users to the donate page, where they will be able to search on the "List of all Participants" all individual, family and corporate participants by name. Once they have found your name they will then be able to click to donate in support of your fundraising goal!

Your fundraising page will be an easy way for you to keep track of your donations!

Fundraising Tip! You can generate a "Thank You" message to each supporter in response to their donation.



2. Print the Stroll & Dash Donation Form

Download a printable donation form!

With this form you can accept Cash, Cheques, or Credit Card Donations.


You will be notified by email every time someone donates to your fundraising page. Make sure to thank them for supporting this year's Stroll & Dash Event and for making a difference in the lives of the patients on Sarah’s Floor at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Remember to follow up on your requests for support by text, email, phone or on your social media platforms. Be confident and ask people to donate. In order for people to say YES, you need to let them know that we need their support!

*All donations of $18 or more are eligible for an official tax receipt. (Note: Funds raised through a raffle to win a prize are not eligible for tax receipts.)