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FL Fuller Landau Cedars CanSupport Dragon Boat Race


There are countless fun and simple ways to fundraise for your team!

When logged in, you can check out your Personal Fundraising Page.

Through the website, all teams and individual have the opportunity to tell your story and share with your family, friends and networking why you are choosing to participate. You can post images and provide up to date progress on your fundraising as well as provide your supporters with an easy way to donate to you and your team!

Pledge Forms:
Download printable pledge forms to make it simple to accept and track cash, cheques and credit card donations.

As you are aware, the current pandemic has placed us with some restrictions. We need to adapt with the "New Normal", so please be respectful and government recommended follow physical distancing guidelines when hosting or organizing any third party event.  

Fundraising tips and ideas

Don't be shy!

The money you raise is for a great cause. Everyone has been or will be affected by cancer, either directly or indirectly, at some point in their lifetime. It affects us all and people are usually very aware. When asked for a pledge, donors often commend you for doing your part and support you. But you have to ask!

The following ideas are meant to help you get creative. Of course you can only do what the government rules allow, but these are some ideas that have been successful in the past

Fancy dinner

Everyone likes to get dressed up once in a while, so why not have a dinner party! Charge people for the dinner ($20 or $50), tell them to bring their own wine and make it a real sit-down affair. Everyone enjoys a great meal with friends, it is cheaper than going to a restaurant and all the proceeds go towards your team and, ultimately cancer care.

Denim day

Ask your employer if you can charge a small fee in exchange for allowing staff members to “dress down” for the day and have all proceeds benefit your team.

Bake sale

Everyone loves a sweet treat! Have some fun baking cookies, cakes and other sweet treats and sell your homemade delicacies! This idea is not too costly and can be done fairly regularly.

5 à 7

Get in touch with your favorite bar to try an organize a 5 à 7 where a portion of the profits go to your cause.

Sponsored group workout class

Many gyms across the city work with groups to organize charitable workout classes where all participants pay an entrance fee that goes directly back to the select cause. Speak to your favorite fitness instructor and see if they would like to take part in a zoom, outdoor, or other type of workout in support of your team!

Bottle / Can deposit

Let your friends, family and coworkers know that instead of simply recycling their used bottles and cans - they can give them to you to get the refund to put towards your team. Every dollar counts!


Ask your coworkers, friends and family to participate in a raffle for anything from gift cards to larger gifts. Ask local businesses such as restaurants, stores, spas or gyms for small prizes all in support of this amazing cause.

Comedy night

Many comedy clubs have the ability to give discounts for charity tickets, and some might event make a special event for the charity.

Pizza day

At the office or after soccer practice order several pizzas and charge a nominal fee per slice. You can also sell drinks to go with the pizza and all the funds you collect can go to your team. This is an easy activity and works great on payday.


By contacting your local bowling alley, a fun filled charity bowling event can be organized. Bring your friends, neighbours and kids.